Kettering Gym Tots

Gym Tots

Our Pre-School gymnastics programme.

Develop your child's physical, mental and social skills in a safe and fun filled environment. Sessions are supervised by qualified British gymnastics coaches with over 10 years experience with Kettering Gymnastics Club

The classes provided are:

  • Under 2’s - your child, with parental involvement can explore the gymnasium with fully matted floor area, climbing equipment, ball pond, balls, ropes and numerous other activities. Join together with songs and learn balances, shapes and jumps. Finally to help co-ordination using tap sticks, feathers, bean bags or a parachute we end the session with a song and a cuddle.


  • 2-3 yrs - Share quality time with your child with a similar format as above but with slightly more challenging activities.


  • 3 year plus - A progression to starting school. A chance for your child to gain independence and confidence by attending alone. A structured class that enables your child to use apparatus safely, to learn body awareness and gymnastic skills, all in small groups with qualified coaches.


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